Sunday, June 27, 2010

Enoki Mushroom

Enoki mushrooms has been a favorite ever since I discovered it one day when I was looking for ingredients for my steamboat dinner. I have been buying it eversince and it even made its way to my stews. :D

Enoki mushrooms are edible mushrooms which are very popular in Asian cuisine, especially in Japan. The delicately flavored, interesting looking mushrooms are also cultivated and sold in other parts of the world, although they are most widely used in Asian and fusion foods. Asian grocers and specialty stores often sell enoki mushrooms, and they are sometimes also available in regular markets, depending on the region of the world that one is in. (source:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tuition Classes

In Malaysia, giving tuition classes is a good business. Almost all of the students (99%) that go to a normal school (which means not a homeschool) go for tuition classes. I think the rest are those whose parents are tutors so the parents do the tutoring on their own kids.

My husband gives tuition classes. The only thing is that we need students that are flexible with their time because hubby is not always around as his work takes him to other countries for meetings in most of the time.

I don't think people would want that. Because we all want to have tutors around when we need them, like Tutorvista. Tutorvista is an online tutoring company. They have Statistics tutor available if you need Statistics help. It's good to have tutors any time we need them. They are availabe 24/7, that's why. And so, if you have Statistics problems and you've been scouring around for help, check them out. Tutorvista offers classes for K-12 students, back to school students and even college students.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ko Rhao, Thailand

Ko Rhao or Rhao Island, Thailand is one of the "homes" of the sea gypsies called the Mokens.

For more scenic views, visit:

Scenic Sunday

Friday, June 18, 2010

Back Home, Back to Work

We are back home from our Thailand trip. We visited the work among the Mokens in Ranong. Mokens are the sea gypsies that were affected by tsunami. There has been a developmental project since the tsunami in 2004. Things are indeed developing there.

Now we are back home. Back to our normal routine. Back to our normal work. My husband is also back to tutoring. He has missed a few days of tutoring when we were in Thailand.

Tutoring in Malaysia is quite common. Even children from the pre-school go for tuition classes. And speaking of tuition classes, you can actually get an online tutor. It is good in a way that it is convenient because tutors are available anytime and anywhere you are. provides tutoring online at the cheapest rate. They provide tutoring for K-12 up to college students. You can go for it, especially if you're looking for Math help. They have been helping students for the past four years. And so, if you're looking for Math Tutors online, just check them out. They're available 24/7. So any time you need help, there will be tutors available for you.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

From Now On

I just got my new dlsr: Sony Alpha380. I am no longer using my sony cybershot as it was broken by my little photographer. And so from now on, I will be posting photos from my Sony A380.

And no, I didn't get the D90. But I am sure I will be, in a couple of years. For now, it's practice, practice, and practice. :D

Happy me.
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