Monday, October 31, 2011


Daughter was playing with the balloons and did this. She then asked me: Mommy, can you take a photo of me like this?

Of course I did. And here it is!

Friday, October 21, 2011

2012 Family Vacation

We have been thinking a lot about our next holiday trip after a very enjoyable and memorable Australia getaway. I have been to the US twice already but since I was mostly with hubby on meetings, I was not really able to explore a lot of places in that beautiful country yet. Of course it would be impossible to do that, but at least I would have loved to visit those touristy places that I only see on TV.

Well, I did not really consider those trips to be holidays, anyway. Those were more of business trips with some sightseeing on free times, of course. Although we have no definite schedule for our next family holiday, I have been surfing of possible vacation destinations in the US, in case we do get to go.
Firstly, I guess we have to decide first how our vacation would look like: would it be on a beach? Would it be somewhere up country where we could walk along riverbanks, enjoy canoeing, or would it be in a bustling city and get lost in a crowd of shoppers, and shop ‘til we drop?

I have not asked the kids yet but for sure they won’t be so keen on the shopping thing. The beach would probably top their choice! In that case, it would be good to check on holidays to Orlando 2012. What’s good about Orlando is that you could have access to one of the world’s best beaches, theme parks and yes--- Disneyworld! It sure is every kid’s dream destination… and it’s every kid –at- heart’s too, like me!

In the Southeast part of Florida is Miami, which is also an interesting city. It would not be hard to find luxury Miami holidays -- The city has great beaches, places to shop, and also with famous theme parks for the children to enjoy. I’d probably get so star-struck when I’d see famous Hollywood stars lying on the beach! The ever aspiring photographer me would surely turn into a paparazzi in no time.

So Florida 2012 holidays from the UK is really worth checking out. To visit this sunny city with the family would surely be one of the vacations we would never forget!

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