Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Logo

I am thinking of setting up a blog logo for my blog. But of course, before I could do that, I need a customized blog template first. All these I have been thinking for quite sometime now.

I have a friend that does web design logo if I want to. I'll just tick her and I know I can have it asap.

But like I said, for now, I need a good template. I just couldn't think of what design I want for my blog though.

So yes, I am, once again, putting it in the back burner.

Been Away

I have been away for quite some time now. My apologies. There were just too many things that are going on on my part of the world.

We went to Koh Lipe last week. And I was disgusted to see I didn't look nice in my two-piece swimsuit. I should have at least worked out on getting slimmer. I should have checked WonderSlim Coupons and get myself some of those get-me-slim-fast pills. LOL.

Anyways, above is the photo I took from Koh Lipe.That's from our cottage, overlooking the beach. I feel I didn't have enough time there. So yes, I am planning another trip there, this time, with my husband. And I hope, too, that this time, I would feel comfortable wearing my two-piece swimming suit!
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