Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birds of Paradise

This is another droplet shot I took from my garden. Droplet on birds of paradise flower is indeed my favorite subject to shoot. Oh well, that's the only plant that blooms in my garden for now. And it has been raining at nights so when I wake up in the mornings, I would usually see droplets like this hanging on the flower petals.

Birds of paradise plants don't need planters. But I have some other plants that are on the outdoor planters. I have some pvc type for my outddor planter and some are cement pots. Of course, if you ever need to get one of those, just check this website I saw at

They do have indoor planters available also, in different types. There are aluminum planters which you can get at 15% discount. There are vinyl types, cast stone, and some plastic too. So depends on what you want and what fits your garden, lawn, house design, you can get it from them. Some of the planters are free for shipping so you need to browse through their products first.


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