Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Running Boards

What are running boards? According to wikipedia.org, running boards are those car or truck accessory parts, a narrow step fitted under the side doors of the vehicle. They usually aid entry, especially for those high trucks or cars. Some cars don't need it but when you see them on those cars, it means they're just for fashion statements or just structural parts.

Another car accessories that could be attached to the side of the car are the nerf bars and are used to protect the side of the vehicles. Usually race cars do have nerf bars. Pick up trucks also sometimes would need nerf bars to protect the vehicles while crossing rocks off road. If they are fitted to vehicles to slide over rocks or pass trees, they are built with thicker tubings and they are directly attached to the truck's frame rails rather than the truck bodies.

CARiD.com offers a complete array of nerf boards or running boards and any other car or truck accessories you may need for your vehicles. They do offer first-tier materials and the best workmanship there is. Their step boards come in chrome, black powder coat, and polished aluminum at a versatile and fashionable designs.


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