Friday, January 21, 2011

Exploring Self-Hosting

I just bought a domain from godaddy. And no, it's not for this blog, not just yet. But soon, I know that I'd be buying a domain for this one, too.

And so there, I really patted myself on the back to be able to know the ticks and the trade of buying a domain. Not that it's really hard to do. But I relied on a friend to do it for me before.

After I bought a domain, I tried transferring it to my self webhosting. It's another pat on the back. LOL. I used to do it last time then it got so complicated I left it to my self web hosting provider to do for me. But this time, I tried my hands on it again. And yes, I did it.

Now I have a couple of new domains. No, actually I have a few new domains.

Will I be able to host a webhost too? I am not too sure. I hope one day I'll learn how to do it. For now, let me enjoy my self webhost hosted by my friend.


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