Sunday, April 10, 2011

Investing in Gold

US currency is currently going down. Canadian dollar has caught up. And so when my husband flew to Canada, we were a bit surprised with the increase of their currency.

I can't help but think that it is now high time to know where exactly we invest our money. I mean, yeah we can have so many options where to invest our money but I guess it is best to invest it in gold 401K. Don't you agree?

Anyways, to those who invested in gold IRA around 1970's, it is interesting to note that there's a substantial increase in the value of gold nowadays. In fact if you purchased 25,000$ worth of gold bullion, you could sell that for 524,999$ now. How exciting is that?

When my husband and I went to a jeweler shop and we told them I wanted to buy a gold chain for an investment, the sales person casually mentioned about 401K gold and how it is much much better to invest on it than the usual gold jewelry.

Makes me think that when I have money, probably i'll explore in investing in gold coins instead.


Ann said...

sayang I got no gold to sell and no money to buy.

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