Sunday, May 8, 2011

Medical Field

Perhaps one of the greatest needs in the medical field today would be an on- going training for doctors, and training trainers to do the same. Oxford Medical undoubtedly provides a solution to this need and has an excellent reputation worldwide.

Established in 2004, Oxford Medical also provides
medical management courses. This program teaches business skills to medical professionals and is highly recommended for those who are into managing hospitals, health care organizations and even clinics.

We also believe that teacher doctors should grow professionally and should be able to receive the latest on medical theories, thereby increasing not only their knowledge and improve their teaching skills. This is the exact reason why the medical teaching course is developed.

Teach the teacher course, otherwise known as “Train the trainer” course is also designed to teach the doctor teachers practical techniques, skills and knowledge necessary to make the most of their teaching experience. In this course, doctors are taught about understanding the learners’ learning skills, articulating the lessons both in a one-on-one setting and group teaching sessions. This has a formidable reputation of being the Number 1 Teach the Teacher course for doctors in the UK.

In the span of 7 years, Oxford Medical trains more than 1,000 doctors every year and has garnered the reputation of being the best in offering medical career development services to doctors in the UK.


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