Monday, April 19, 2010

My Travel Blogs

I have two travel blogs. I started my first when I knew that I was going to travel with my husband eventually. I created it under the free hosted platform. And then I started monetizing it. And I realized that it was better if I bought my own domain for that travel blog. And so I did, for 10US per year. I think that the webhosting was automatically provided by godaddy.

And after a couple of years of blogging on my own domain travel blog, I started a daily photo of Subang Jaya. I have started liking posting daily photos of Subang Jaya and posted a lot until I ran out of photos. And so, I decided to post photos of my travels outside Subang Jaya. Thus, Subang Jaya and Beyond.

Now, I've been thinking whether it's too soon to have it's own domain and self hosted at other web hosting provider? But of course, I need to search again on and see a few webhosting rating before deciding which provider to use. At, they have a list of reviews for web site hosting. You may also check the webhost directory to make sure you have read and review all the providers available for your domain.

Now I am thinking... I think it sounds appealing. I hope though that the url will still be available by the time I decided to have its own domain and self webhost. :D


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