Friday, April 23, 2010

Planning a Vacation

Yes, I am planning a vacation, online... sort of. Actually, I am taking my sister Jirah out of the country for her visa run. When she came here, she only got one month visa. Her visa is going to end soon. We are going to Thailand. Yey! I am excited for this trip not because this is going to be my first time. In fact, I've been to Thailand many times. What I'm excited about is that we're going to an island that I haven't been before.

And so I have been planning my trip online. I have searched about the island through wireless internet. This is the beauty of high technology. You can do everything at home. Book your hotel, wherever you are, at any time. You can also book your flights right at the comfort of your home. Gone are the days when you have to go and visit your travel agency just to do these two. And you can guess what I'm about to say next... pay unnecessary fees just to go on a holiday.

If you're somewhere in Huoston though, you can get the CLEAR in Houston, TX. You can even get the Internet & Phone Bundle, plus an internet that has a broadband speed.

Note: I took that image above when we went for a holiday in Raya Island two years ago, just me and my husband.


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