Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dream Car

I guess everybody has a dream car in some point in their lives. I have so many dream cars myself, depending on my mood. If I am so impatient and want things quick, I would dream to have a sports car. If I feel like being classy, I would dream of getting that c300. That c300 on the image above is the car my grandaunty drives in LA. She is so cool. Anyways, I am a dreamer so it's easy to dream of getting different cars. LOL.

While I was searching for cars, I found from the car connection a few cars that fancy my attention. The mazda mx-5 miata is a sports car and is known as the epitome of the classic roadster. Gotta love this one.

And if you have 5 kids or love driving people around, this acura mdx is the best for you. It's a seven-seater cross-over vehicle. Although it's a big car, it looks so sleek. One must on the lookout for it.

If you're a sports sedan lover, then must check out for mitsubishi evolution. And of course, don't miss checking out this electric car Nissan Leaf too. It is so unique, it has s a 5-door hatchback feature.

Hmmm car talks excite me, really. Makes me wanna go, take a car loan and get myself one of my dream cars. LOL.


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