Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have been thinking of investing nowadays. I am torn between two actually. I love photography but good cameras are very expensive. But then again, if I buy a good camera and put it into good use, maybe get into a photography business, probably it's worth an investment.

There are many ways you can invest though. You can buy gold bullion and keep it as an investment. Why would one invest on gold bullion? I guess if we look back, gold bullion had played a vital role in the commerce industry. I am sure it still does now. People do buy bullion because we know that it appreciates its value. One can't get wrong with it.

You can buy bullion at any time in any where and sell it too. Would I invest in gold? Maybe if I can afford to buy it. But I guess it doesn't hurt if I start on studying how it works. Maybe check their website for gold bullion buying guide. Who knows one day I'll get into this kind of investment.

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