Friday, February 26, 2010

Thali Meal

Thali Meal

Thali (Hindi: थाली, meaning "plate"; IPA: [t̪ʰɑːliː]) is an Indian meal with contents varying from one regional cuisine to another. A thali is a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray. The round tray is generally made with steel with multiple compartments. Typical dishes include rice, dhal, vegetables, chapati, papad, curd (yoghurt), small amounts of chutney or pickle, and a sweet dish to top it. source:

My husband's favorite food to order every time we eat at Gem's Restaurant.


Ladynred said...

Interesting trays. Looks delicious and i like Indian food too not much though!


looks yummy, here's mine

Perfectly Blended said...

This one looks yummy! I had a taste of Indian foods when I visited an Indian friend in Malaysia.Thanks for joining.

Sarah said...

wow, I guess, this is delicious. I love Indian food.

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