Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dory Fillet

One thing I am grateful about is that the kids love to eat fish. I found dory fillet from Carrefour which was very cheap. One pack would cost something like 3RM. That's not even a dollar! Since my kids love eating something crunchy, I just cut it into small pieces, dip in flour mixed with turmeric powder, deep dry them... and my kids would be begging me to immediately serve the fish.


Anonymous said...

Yes the Dory Fish Fillet in Carrefour is "CHEAP". But if you weigh it before and after thawing, you get nearly half of what weight is put on the label. You are basically paying for 'ICE". Have made a complaint to the authorities but still awaiting answer. No answer from The French Embassy nor from Carrefour!!!

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