Friday, February 26, 2010

Lamb Shank

Let me take you back to Malaysia with my lamb shank photo. I got this from a restaurant in Swiss Garden Resort in Damai Laut. I was impressed with the food presentation. The taste was good too.

We used to go to Swiss Garden Resort for a family holiday last time. A friend usually gave us a holiday package for free. Sometimes she would give us 6 night/7day-stay. What we did usually was to invite a family friend with us, split the 6 into 3 nights with them. It's great to be holidaying with other families. Sometimes, we would break the 6 days into staying at Swiss Garden Resort in Damai Laut for 3 nights and Swiss Garden Resort in Kuantan for 3 nights.

We are blessed with friends that love to bless us. :D


Fe said...

wow, this one looks delicious..thanks for sharing. Hope you can visit mine, here's the link

gemini said...

I haven't tasted one. Got to taste it one of these days. Thanks for sharing and welcome to my space too.

Kero said...

that is one serious protein. we're a family of lamb grilled lamb chops fanatic but this looks good!

hope you can visit my entry here

Perfectly Blended said...

it looks unique and delicious.

Thank you Lord for generous friends.

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