Tuesday, March 2, 2010

C 300

(image: the car my grand aunt drives in LA. She's so cool.)

Here's a trivia I discovered when in the US. The plate numbers are all at the back. When we were in Atlanta and our friend lent us her car, we left the car in the parking lot outside Northpoint point. When we came out from the mall and looked for the car, we were looking for it by it's type, color and plate number. It took us awhile to locate the car. That's when we discovered that the plate numbers are only in front of the car and never at the back. LOL.

Another trivia: If you're in Dallas area and looking for Dallas auto repair shop, check out RepairPal first. They have a list of repair shops available in the area and if you contact them, they will give you independent and unbiased repair estimates. Of course, if you have Chevrolet Silverado and you want a good brake job for your car, just check them out. I have read that it's easy, accurate and best of all, FREE. Now who doesn't want free things, right? So go ahead... wherever you are located. Just fill in your zip code and voila! Listings in that area will come out. Then you have a choice.

Hmmm... now I wonder which shop my grand aunt sends her car to for repair. I hope she's doing a good decision coz nowadays, it's so hard to trust to send your car to the repair shops.


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