Monday, March 8, 2010

St. Katherine Docks

Beyond Subang Jaya: This is still part of my series for my London photos. St Katharine Docks, in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, were one of the commercial docks serving London, on the north side of the river Thames just east (downstream) of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. They were part of the Port of London, in the area now known as the Docklands, and are now a popular housing and leisure complex. We found this by accident when we visited the Tower Bridge (famously known as the London Bridge) and the London Tower. Hubby and I were just exploring. It was good then as we have discovered more historical places.

I love discovering places. It was so awesome that last year, we were able to go to many places for a holiday. Now I am wishing to go for Canary Island Holidays. At Late Deals, you can actually acquire holiday packages for late deals. Last year, when we went for holidays in different places, it was either autumn or winter. This time, if given a chance, I would opt for tropical vacation. Like what I said, I wish to go to Canary. It has a sub-tropical climate, astounding scenery and they have beautiful beaches as well.

Ahhhhh... when was the last time I laid down on a beach with sunglasses on and engrossed myself with a good book? I want it again, so badly. So I hope before the year ends I can go for another tropical holidays. And of course, with my whole family this time. I so want my kids to go with us again for our tropical holidays. I am pretty sure they will enjoy it coz they love playing in the sand and water.


Lorac said...

Love this glimpse of London at the Thames!

Rob said...

Enjoyed this considerably – thank you for sharing…
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