Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuition Classes

Sorry, the photo is a bit messy but this is where the hubs does his tutoring classes. I have never seen any other place that urges students to take tuition classes than in Malaysia. Every student (read my lips: EVERY) student does have tuition classes. My husband teaches tuition, and he teaches Algebra or any other Mathematics subject. But my husband is away most of the time so he doesn't have a lot of students. Right now, he has one, which is a friend's daughter, who also doesn't mind having make up classes every now and then.

I think for some others who feel it's inconvenient to wait for the tuition teacher, especially if you need to improve your Algebra 1, please check out TutorVista. They do tutoring 24/7. They offer a tutoring package of US$99.90 per month. It is online so it is available whenever and wherever you want it. It is good to get Algebra 1 help any time we want it, isn't it.

Of course, for those taking Algebra 2 and want some Algebra 2 answers, you may get that kind of tutoring services too. This is just one of the reasons I love about internet and high technology. You can do just about any thing at your own comfort and convenience.

And oh, by the way, TutorVista provides free demo for first time user. That would be of help so you don't get confused and end up being frustrated. All the best to you, Mathematicians!


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